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Amir Herzberg

Affiliation: Bar Ilan University, Israel

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Title: The Tragedy of Loss of Privacy, or: Privacy as a Public Asset

Abstract: Preserving privacy in this age has become hard, if not impossible, and many consider it impossible or simply irrelevant and archaic: people make a reasonable tradeoff, giving up their privacy in return to free services and other benefits.
However, we challenge the belief is that the goal of privacy is (only) to protect the `owner' of the private information. This belief is reflected in many publications, regulations and technologies related to privacy. We discuss potential damages due to the loss of privacy, which harm not necessarily the `owner' of the private information, but other individuals and even the general society and economy.

Short Biography

Prof. Amir Herzberg is a tenured professor in the department of computer science, Bar Ilan university. He publishes extensively (41 journal papers, 21 patents, and 80 refereed conference publictions). Prof. Herzberg received B.Sc. (1982, Computer Engineering), M.Sc. (1987, Electrical Engineering) and D.Sc. (1991, Computer Science), all from the Technion, Israel. His research is mostly focused on cyber-security, and mainly the following areas:

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